JULY 12th & 13th

Río Médica | Tijuana, México

Tijuana International Bariatric Endoscopy 2022

TORE & Endoscopic
Gastric Sleeve Workshop

TIBE 2022 is an expert-led and hands-on workshop designed for medical professionals who wish to advance their careers and receive training in the innovative field of bariatric endoscopy.

After completing the workshop you will be able to implement the techniques learned during our sessions.

This workshop is directed towards bariatric surgeons, endoscopy specialists, and medical experts in obesity and excess weight control.


Lectures by
Top Medical Experts


Real patient cases


Hands-on Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve Workshop on Porcine Models


Expert Discussion Panel

Meet your instructors

Dr. Natan Zundel

Professor of Surgery - University at Buffalo, New York

Dr. Zundel is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Department of Surgery University at Buffalo, NY. Additionally, Dr. Zundel functions as a consultant for the Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery of Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, and as Bariatric Surgeon at Jackson North Medical center in Miami. Dr. Zundel has extensive experience with Minimally Invasive and bariatric surgical procedures. He is an active member of the following societies, serving on various committees and executive boards: ACS, ASMBS, SAGES, IFSO, IFSES, FELAC, ABE, ASGE, ALACE of which he was also a former President. Dr. Zundel has served as a Founder, Active or/and Honorary member of Surgical, Laparoscopic and/or Bariatric Societies in 46 Countries around the world.

Dr. Antonio López Corvalá

Bariatric Surgeon - Tijuana

Dr. López Corvalá is considered among the top ten weight-loss surgeons in the world. He has performed more than 10,000 laparoscopic surgeries with more than half being bariatric weight-loss surgeries, is a regular speaker at the industry’s top events around the world, has held many academic positions including professor of weight-loss specialty courses at Yale University in Connecticut United States, has published multiple books around many related techniques and is board member at the most recognized medical associations around the world.

Dr. Barham Abudayyeh

MPHr - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

The research lab led by Barham K. Abu Dayyeh, M.D., M.P.H., focuses on the development of minimally invasive endoscopic therapies for gastrointestinal diseases, obesity and metabolic diseases. Dr. Abu Dayyeh and colleagues investigate the impact of alterations in the gastrointestinal tract on fundamental physiologic processes regulating human appetite, metabolism and energy expenditure to devise endoscopic therapeutic tools for obesity and metabolic diseases.

Dr. Erik Wilson

Medical Director - UT Houston, Houston, Texas

Dr. Wilson did almost 1,600 surgical procedures during his years of residency. But during the one year of his fellowship, he did 1,200. Today, he is a full-fledged academic surgeon: and director of one of the largest minimally invasive surgical fellowships in the country, training six to eight fellows a year. He is the Executive Medical Director of the Surgical Innovation and Robotic Institute (SIRI), a joint venture training facility between Memorial Hermann Health System and UTHealth; dedicated to developing and teaching new surgical skills with new technology.

Dr. Marco Bustamante

Medical Director - The Hospitals of Providence, El Paso, Texas

Dr. Bustamante attended Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso for his residency in Internal Medicine, and subsequently earned his fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. With an ongoing interest in treating obesity, he underwent additional training in the medical management of obesity and obtained his board certification by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He attended multiple conferences and training courses to specialize in non-surgical methods to treat obesity, specifically, in the innovative field of bariatric endoscopy. Currently, he is a member of multiple societies of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Bariatric Endoscopy.

Meet your hosts

Dr. Alberto Michel, MD

Certified Bariatric Surgeon - Obesity Not For Me, Tijuana

Doctor Alberto Michel is a certified bariatric surgeon dedicated to the treatment of patients who are overweight. With his several years of experience and his over seven thousand operated patients, he knows the basis of the treatment as well as the critical path necessary to attend bariatric patients. Dr. Alberto Michel is committed to the health of his patients, and is always looking for excellence.

Dr. Ismael Bailón, MD

Certified Bariatric Surgeon - Diabetes Obesity Clinic, Tijuana

Dr. Ismael Bailón is a board certified surgeon specialized in bariatric surgery and endoscopy with over 10 years of experience treating obesity. He graduated from the Universidad Panamericana in 2005 and obtained his specialty degree from the Universidad Autónoma de México. He has published multiple articles in medical magazines and books and regularly attends courses, congress and seminars for metabolic diseases and obesity management. By keeping up to date in the latest, most innovative techniques in his field, Dr. Bailón provides his patients with high-quality and safe treatments.

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TIBE 2022 will be held at Río Médica, a medical building with state of the art facilities and fully equipped with a modern learning center. It’s easy access from the San Diego, California - Tijuana, México international border makes it an ideal location for attendees traveling from outside Mexico.

Río Médica

Prime medical location in Tijuana


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Access to all of our expert lectures, hands-on workshop with porcine models, and real patient cases.

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Access to all of our expert lectures, live-streamed workshop with porcine models, and live-streamed real patient cases.

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Access to all of our expert lectures, live-streamed workshop with porcine models, and live-streamed real patient cases.

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